Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Review...

What a rainy nasty weekend! But, it was still a fun one. Friday night was Sips N Strokes at the High School. We had SO much fun doing this. They are also opening a store in Fultondale now, which means we can go more often and not have to drive so far. I cant wait. The painting was fun, but I must admit I think I had an anxiety attack at one point. I had to remind myself it was just a canvas and not the Sistine Chapel! All in all I think we all did a great job.

Saturday was the Little Miss Hayden pagent. One of my friends, Amy, had her little girl in the pagent. It was fun to see all the little ones in their lacy dresses and curly hair. Maddie won 3rd runner up in her division.

Saturday evening it was still rainy and nasty out so we went to Froggy's. The kids had a blast running around and playing for two hours while I had a chance to sit and chat with some of the Mommy's.

Sunday we didn't do a thing. The kids played outside for a litle while and Michael and I cleaned around the house and were pretty much just lazy all day.


  1. Hey, the paintings turned out great! Mrs. White would be soooo proud! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, she looks so gorgeous!!! And I love the pretty paintings, such talent!