Thursday, January 29, 2009


There is a little "game" going around on Facebook. I thought I would play along, so I did this morning. You are supposed to post 25 Random things about yourself and then tag your friends to do the same. I thought it would be fun to list them here and see if any of you would like to play along as well. Here are my 25 Random Facts...

25. I you can tell considering I am at work right now!
24. I am not that girly, giggly, frilly type. Give me jeans, a tshirt, flip flops and a ponytail...I am happy!
23. My biggest fear is something happening to one of my kids.
22. I am double jointed!
21. I cant stand to pump gas or go to the bank.
20. I am REALLY trying to quit's HARD!
19. I hate Pie...any kind
18. I had some "enhancements" done 3 years ago. Figure it out!
17. I have become my Mother...and it's not so bad! :)
16. I have scars on both of my knees from riding down a hill on them when I was 8 or 9. And a rock that is permanently embedded in one of them.
15. I have always wanted to work in the criminal justice field (even have a degree in it). And yet I sit behind a desk and crunch numbers all day!
14. I was attacked by my Grandfathers Chow when I was 3.
13. I am terrified of heights and public speaking. TERRIFIED!!!
12. Sometimes I want another baby...sometimes I dont.
11. I am addicted to Reality TV. It makes me feel better about myself...sort of like going to the fair does!
10. I love road trips. Doesnt matter where to...
9. I wish that Mexican and Chinese foods were all fat free.
8. I am NOT an animal person...refer to # 14 to learn why.
7. I am a control freak. I would rather do it myself than to give control to someone else.
6. I love winter...but I hate to be cold.
5. I wish for one day I could be a guy...just to see what the hell they are thinking.
4. I can't stand to drink water
3. I would much rather listen to talk radio in the car than music
2. I have a pillow that I can NOT sleep without. Its about as flat as a pancake...but I cant go one night without it.
1. I love my family, my husband, my kids...My Life!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slumber Party

Jake and Mary had a spend the night party this past weekend. Some friends of ours have 3 kids ages 6-9 who Jake and Mary like to hang out with. Luke, Levi & Gracie all came over last Saturday and spent the night with us. I was suffering through a bad cold and wasn't feeling well so it was up to Michael to referee and keep control. He did a good job. The kids were all great. They had such a good time. Michael and I were actually able to watch a movie while the kids played downstairs. They were all so good that at one point Michael had to go down and check on them because they were being too quiet. And when you have 5 kids in your house and there is no screaming, running, or tattle tailing in a 30 minute need to investigate. Thankfully though, they were all just occupied playing Wii, building trains, etc. Here are a few pictures from this fun night.
Mary & Gracie

Jake, Gracie, Mary, Luke, & Levi

Jake & Levi

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Is Her Name?

Let me start out by saying that this week has been less than desirable. Everything from a trip to the Emergency Room for myself on Tuesday, to Jake and I having a rather heated discussion Wednesday morning as to why only eating pizza, chicken fingers and fries is ground for him starting to take a vitamin every day, to having a helluva week at work! Needless to say this week has been one that can go down in the record books as one that I would like erase from my memory permanentaly.

However, my husband did take the liberty tonight to surprise me. There were no balloons, no candy, no flowers and no candlelit dinner. Only the smell of Clorox, Pledge and Febreeze mixed with the sounds of the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer all in perfect harmony. I came home as I do every night around 5:45 after picking up Jake from my parents house and to my surprise...there he was...with a rag in one hand and a bottle of Febreeze in another. My husband! I dont think I have ever loved him more!!! As I began to explore I noticed the bathrooms were spotless (all 3...even the shower floor), Jake's bedroom was picked up, our bedroom was clean, clothes AND towels were washed folded and put away, AND the dishes were done! This was after he had worked all day came home and done yard work and before he bathed Jake for me, and did his homework with him!

I couldn't help but ask myself "What did he do?", "Who is she?", "What is her name?"! And then it hit me...Who Cares! My house is clean, my regular nightly duties have been completed and I get to sit back, relax and enjoy the night. What could be better? Turns out, I just have an awesome husband who actually enjoys to clean. I know...I know, the other scenario is a lot juicier and more interesting, but I like it better this way!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Oh how I dread Monday's. I begin dreading them Friday afternoons at 5! They are like that closet in your house that you KNOW you have to clean out and organize, but its never a good time until you have put on your snorkle and flippers so you dont drown in clutter when you have to dredge out next seasons clothes! Yeah, that is Monday to me!

This weekend was great. Michael and I had the best time this weekend at the casino. His first experience was a positive one. We didnt win anything big (if we had I wouldnt care about Monday's anymore b/c they would all include fruity drinks and sand in my crack), but we left with what we came with + $50 to cover gas and we played all day and night Saturday and then a few hours on Sunday. We started with the dreadful slots. I have heard of quite a few people who have "won big" on these evil flashing contraptions, but I have never. And things didnt change this weekend either. We didnt waste much on or time. We ended up playing BlackJack for about 5 hours Saturday night and about 2 hours Sunday morning. I love this game. However, there are a few pet peeves that I realized I had about this game Saturday night. Well, not really the game itself...but the people who play it with you. First of all...if you have to ask the dealer everytime he deals "What you should do"....Just GET UP! Get up and leave...dont waste everyone else's time at the table when the dealer has to explain the game to you OVER AND OVER. Stand behind us, learn the rules and ettiquette and then come back. And NO its not cute to ooh and ahh over everyone elses hand or to say "oh that sucks!" when someone gets dealt a bad hand. THEY KNOW! They dont need to be reminded that little Johnny isn't going to Disney World this year b/c Daddy just bet Mickey & Goofy on a 16 with the dealer holding a face card! Thanks for your concern....but keep it to yourself!!! And if you dont know who to play dont F it up for the rest of us! Dont hit when you SHOULD NOT and take the dealers bust card. Thanks a lot for losing our bets for us. Next time, just let us know you are a dumbass and we will all just hand the dealer our chips and go to bed! Same principal.

Well, now I feel a lot better. I did get to people watch this weekend. Which as I talked about in my previous post is a favorite past time. However, this weekend I didnt have to look far. Most of the entertainment was sitting at the same table. The old woman who was trying to be 20 again (also who I was referring to in my most of my "pet peeves" above) had to take the cake. From her bleach blonde patchy hair to her cleavage/wrinkle revealing was all humorous. I say humorous, but what I mean is desperate. And Thank You Golden Moon Casino & Resort for supplying the patchy haired desperate geriatric with as much alcohol as she could pass through her dentures!!! Here's to You! This lead to her flagging down the pit boss' to get them to round her up another waitress. Not really there job! So, to say the least...I didnt have to look very far to find that one (mostly b/c I had the pleasure of sitting next to her and her depends) person who makes you want to kiss your Momma for providing you with genes that weren't fished out of the sewer!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Cat Is Out of the Bag

Well I couldnt resist. I have never ever been good at keeping something from someone for too long. Especially when I know they are going to be so excited about it. I told Michael Tuesday night where we were going this weekend. So, I guess now I can tell you all. I booked he and I room at the Golden Moon Casino in Philadelphia, MS. I can't wait. It has been a little over 3 years since I have been and I used to enjoy it so much. And I love the Golden Moon. There rooms are incredible and the food....well, lets just say the diet is going to have to be put on hold for the weekend. I love playing cards. Michael and I have been addicted to Party Poker over the last month or so and I have always loved to play BlackJack. Now, whether I am good at it or not...probably not, but it is fun. And to put the icing on the cake...Michael has NEVER been to a casino before. He is a Casino Virgin! Oh what a surprise he is going to be in for. I think he will be wanting to plan these little over night getaways a lot more once he gets in there and sees what it's all about. Although, if he gets in there and loses all his money...he may have a different attitude about it.

Now dont get me wrong, I love to play cards (as previously stated) and I love the slots as well...but my favorite, REPEAT....Favorite thing to do, (brace yourself) is People Watch. I could go to a baseball game, football game, etc. and never see a second of the game/concert/whatever, because all my attention is being devoted to what the blonde with her boyfriend? could be grandfather? in section 3C seat 12 is wearing. And why does the guy in seat 10 alway seem to leave his seat the same time she does...everytime??? Its like right in front of me. And one of the best places to do this you ask??? A casino. I could spend hours watching the lady behind the ropes shovel out hundred dollar bills like she has her own little currency production system in that Louis Vuitton. Do those come with one of those??? There is so much entertainment at at Casino...and most of it happens away from the table, well for me at least. So, this weekend is sure to be an exciting one. I cant wait to come back and let you all know how Michael's first Casino trip was and what "entertainment" was seen!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She's Having a Baby....

No, not me...unfortunately (I think). My dearest friend in the world is having a baby!!! All together now...Awww! :) She just told me today at lunch. How dare she not tell me before her husband...., but I can get over it! Her and her husband got married in October and she just found out two days ago they are having there very own little tax deduction!!! I am so ecstatic for them both. It is going to change their world, in the best way possible. So I will post periodically about she is doing and how excited I am to be an Aunt again soon!!!

Erica and I at dinner for her Birthday

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ever have one of those days where nothing is wrong, actually everything is perfect and for some reason you just feel like you have lost your best friend??? Maybe it's just hormones, but today is not a good day. My job is going great, no stress. Jake is doing great, he is almost over his cold and he has finally started sleeping sound through the night without coming to get me at 1 a.m. So in turn, Mommy is sleeping really good as well. He also hasnt had the normal 1.5 hours of homework every night like he used to have before Christmas break, which is nice for him and me. Michael and I are going on a nice little getaway this weekend (cant say where in case he is reading) and he surprised me today with Celine Dion tickets for Thursday night. Everyone is happy and healthy and yet I just feel....BLAH!

It could be one of two things. I am trying to quit smoking and lose weight. I know...I can't believe I haven't killed someone yet. I am not using any meds for the smoking. I have a VERY sensitive stomach and any medication usually makes not only my stomach but my whole body completely go into shock. So, I have cut back to about 3 a day. I figure I can wean my way off of them from there. However, I think I may have to have something for the weight loss. I have heard that SlimQuick is really a good choice. I have read reviews and talked to a few people who have used it and I haven't really heard anything bad about it. It has a lot of caffiene in it, but I am used to drinking 3-4 Mtn Dews a day, so I think I should be ok with that part. Also, it is supposed to balance out your hormones. Which in my case, is a win win situation. Maybe I can lose the extra pounds I have put on since I got married and not have any more BLAH days!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Review

Fun was had by all this weekend. Although, not too much fun that Mommy didn't have time to relax and recoop from the busy week. Friday night was very low key. The kids played spy downstairs and Michael and I caught up on some DVR shows we missed through the week. (What did we do before DVR???) Saturday morning the kids and I went with Nana (my Mom) to Cullman to look at a camper they are thinking of buying. Those things have come a long way since the last one I saw back in the 80's. I was very impressed. We are so hoping they get it. It will be so much fun for weekend camping trips!!! Then we got home and all got ready for the Monster Truck Jam. I have been before but I completely forgot how LOUD and Smokey it is in there. The kids had a great time but we all left the arena yelling at each other and saying "What?" "I cant hear you"! But, all in all it was a lot of fun.
We then went to Sams. Ahhhh....Sams! The one place that I cant leave withouth spending at least $250. But, we were pretty much out of everything, so I guess I cant complain. I have always heard never to take your kids down the candy isle.....well note to self and all the other Mothers reading this.....Never Ever Do it at Sams. The little boogers see the candy in BULK and there eyes almost pop out of there heads! :) After we pealed the kids off of the candy and got out of there we went to Outback and had a great dinner. We then got home and picked out a game to play that Jake got from Santa....Cadoo.

I dont know if any of you have played this with your kids....but I highly recommend it for those who are 7 and older. It was A LOT of fun. We played it for about 2.5 hours Sat night and then for another 1.5 hours Sunday. Great game!!! They have a version for adults that Michael and I are thinking about getting.
Sunday was a day to relax. I dont think any of us even got out of our PJ's that day. Cleaned the house, washed some clothes and the kids played. It was a nice day.
Next weekend is sure to be a blast as well. I have a great surprise planned for my husband. He is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE me!!! Although, I cant share it with you until next Monday. Since he reads this blog it would just ruin it!
I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great start to the week!! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

It Couldn't Have Come Soon Enough

I am so glad that it is the end of the week and I finally have two days to kick back and relax. Catch up on some shows, read a good book, try out some new recipes......YEAH RIGHT!!! While that all sounds great, that is FAR from what I will be doing this weekend. My weekend will consist of listening to Jake play the drums downstairs (remind to ask Santa for a sound proof room next year), probably baking a few cakes in an easy bake oven with Miss Mary, putting together the occasional set of Star Wars Lego's (Jake is obsessed), and to top it off....shoving ear plugs in everyone's ears Saturday when we take the kids to the Monster Truck Show at the BJCC. And just so you know...I couldnt think of anything I would rather be doing. This time is going to be gone before you know it and I am taking advantage of every second while I can. While I will admit, I love having some alone time every now and then to sit down and breathe, I wouldnt trade this time for anything!

Here are a few random pictures of us all:

Jake & Mary in PCB 08

Michael & I in Cancun

Mary & I at Josie's Place in Warrior, AL

Jake's Soccer Team - After they won County Championship

Michael & Jake

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Story...

Michael and I began dating in October, 2006. We got engaged in May of 2007 and were married in July 2007. all happened so fast. But, when you know! I have a son from a previous relationship and his name is Jacob Owen or "Jake". He will 9 in July. My how the time flies. I was looking back at old pictures just the other day and I caught myself wishing he were a toddler again...then I came to my senses and realized he is the perfect age. Although, I think any age would be the perfect age when it comes to your kids and what stages they are at in there lives. I also have a step daughter, Mary Katherine. She will 7 in August. I have had the opportunity to be in her life since she had just turned 4...and boy has she grown up! We built our house in 08. Finally had it completed in September. That was a experience!!! I LOVE my house! I am still finding myself moving things around, changing pictures, putting stuff in different cabinets, etc. And probably will be....forever!

Now a little about each of us individually...

Michael is in Radiology at a local hospital. He has been working in this field for about 10 years now and he just got a new position working in surgery. He loves it! He had been wanting that position for some time now and finally had the opportunity. He is a great Husband and an AMAZING Father to both Jake and Mary. He is very active in both of there activities. Even to the point of coaching Jake's soccer team, basketball team and baseball team! He is all around just a wonderful man.

I work in accounting. I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Criminal Justice and Social Work in 2005. I never did anything in that field after I left college. So, now I have a VERY expensive piece of paper placed "somewhere" in the attic! Money well spent! I had a very good background in accounting so that is where I am now. I love my job. It is very laid back and easygoing. Until a deadline hits. Those are always fun! I am going to soon try to get a little creative and start doing some crafts. I think the kids would have a blast doing them with me, and its always been something that I thought I would like to start. So, we will see how that goes!

Jake is almost 9...going on 19. He is your typical boy. Loves to be outside. He has almost every riding toy imaginable and a lot of land to use them. He is a great soccer player. He is going to some camps this summer at local colleges to learn some new things and we are all excited about next season. I think sometimes "I truly am a Soccer Mom!" He will be in the 3rd grade next year. He moves from the primary school to the elementary school...and I am a little scared. He isn't, but I am. The school is so much bigger!!!

Mary is almost 7. She has a website for her artwork at school. It is and her username is Mary 494. Go check it out. She is really a good little artist. I am sure that she will be a great helper with all my crafts I have in mind! Mary has also had the opportunity to be in gymnastics. She was such a good little tumbler. However, I think at this age, she had more important things to do (i.e. color, easy bake, & play DS) that right now it was a little too much. She will be in the 2nd grade next year. It seems hard to believe that in the next 10 years both of my kids will have graduated! Where is that pause button at????

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And then there was one....

I feel like the only person that has NOT created a blog. So, to keep up with times (and have the ability to rant), I am going to give it a shot. Be patient with me because this is my first time! :) I wanted to ease into this so I am going to try again tomorrow to get some pictures posted and a little background about all of us. Right now....I have to actually work. I know, I know...who does my boss think he is, right?