Monday, January 19, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Oh how I dread Monday's. I begin dreading them Friday afternoons at 5! They are like that closet in your house that you KNOW you have to clean out and organize, but its never a good time until you have put on your snorkle and flippers so you dont drown in clutter when you have to dredge out next seasons clothes! Yeah, that is Monday to me!

This weekend was great. Michael and I had the best time this weekend at the casino. His first experience was a positive one. We didnt win anything big (if we had I wouldnt care about Monday's anymore b/c they would all include fruity drinks and sand in my crack), but we left with what we came with + $50 to cover gas and we played all day and night Saturday and then a few hours on Sunday. We started with the dreadful slots. I have heard of quite a few people who have "won big" on these evil flashing contraptions, but I have never. And things didnt change this weekend either. We didnt waste much on or time. We ended up playing BlackJack for about 5 hours Saturday night and about 2 hours Sunday morning. I love this game. However, there are a few pet peeves that I realized I had about this game Saturday night. Well, not really the game itself...but the people who play it with you. First of all...if you have to ask the dealer everytime he deals "What you should do"....Just GET UP! Get up and leave...dont waste everyone else's time at the table when the dealer has to explain the game to you OVER AND OVER. Stand behind us, learn the rules and ettiquette and then come back. And NO its not cute to ooh and ahh over everyone elses hand or to say "oh that sucks!" when someone gets dealt a bad hand. THEY KNOW! They dont need to be reminded that little Johnny isn't going to Disney World this year b/c Daddy just bet Mickey & Goofy on a 16 with the dealer holding a face card! Thanks for your concern....but keep it to yourself!!! And if you dont know who to play dont F it up for the rest of us! Dont hit when you SHOULD NOT and take the dealers bust card. Thanks a lot for losing our bets for us. Next time, just let us know you are a dumbass and we will all just hand the dealer our chips and go to bed! Same principal.

Well, now I feel a lot better. I did get to people watch this weekend. Which as I talked about in my previous post is a favorite past time. However, this weekend I didnt have to look far. Most of the entertainment was sitting at the same table. The old woman who was trying to be 20 again (also who I was referring to in my most of my "pet peeves" above) had to take the cake. From her bleach blonde patchy hair to her cleavage/wrinkle revealing was all humorous. I say humorous, but what I mean is desperate. And Thank You Golden Moon Casino & Resort for supplying the patchy haired desperate geriatric with as much alcohol as she could pass through her dentures!!! Here's to You! This lead to her flagging down the pit boss' to get them to round her up another waitress. Not really there job! So, to say the least...I didnt have to look very far to find that one (mostly b/c I had the pleasure of sitting next to her and her depends) person who makes you want to kiss your Momma for providing you with genes that weren't fished out of the sewer!

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