Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Story...

Michael and I began dating in October, 2006. We got engaged in May of 2007 and were married in July 2007. all happened so fast. But, when you know! I have a son from a previous relationship and his name is Jacob Owen or "Jake". He will 9 in July. My how the time flies. I was looking back at old pictures just the other day and I caught myself wishing he were a toddler again...then I came to my senses and realized he is the perfect age. Although, I think any age would be the perfect age when it comes to your kids and what stages they are at in there lives. I also have a step daughter, Mary Katherine. She will 7 in August. I have had the opportunity to be in her life since she had just turned 4...and boy has she grown up! We built our house in 08. Finally had it completed in September. That was a experience!!! I LOVE my house! I am still finding myself moving things around, changing pictures, putting stuff in different cabinets, etc. And probably will be....forever!

Now a little about each of us individually...

Michael is in Radiology at a local hospital. He has been working in this field for about 10 years now and he just got a new position working in surgery. He loves it! He had been wanting that position for some time now and finally had the opportunity. He is a great Husband and an AMAZING Father to both Jake and Mary. He is very active in both of there activities. Even to the point of coaching Jake's soccer team, basketball team and baseball team! He is all around just a wonderful man.

I work in accounting. I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Criminal Justice and Social Work in 2005. I never did anything in that field after I left college. So, now I have a VERY expensive piece of paper placed "somewhere" in the attic! Money well spent! I had a very good background in accounting so that is where I am now. I love my job. It is very laid back and easygoing. Until a deadline hits. Those are always fun! I am going to soon try to get a little creative and start doing some crafts. I think the kids would have a blast doing them with me, and its always been something that I thought I would like to start. So, we will see how that goes!

Jake is almost 9...going on 19. He is your typical boy. Loves to be outside. He has almost every riding toy imaginable and a lot of land to use them. He is a great soccer player. He is going to some camps this summer at local colleges to learn some new things and we are all excited about next season. I think sometimes "I truly am a Soccer Mom!" He will be in the 3rd grade next year. He moves from the primary school to the elementary school...and I am a little scared. He isn't, but I am. The school is so much bigger!!!

Mary is almost 7. She has a website for her artwork at school. It is and her username is Mary 494. Go check it out. She is really a good little artist. I am sure that she will be a great helper with all my crafts I have in mind! Mary has also had the opportunity to be in gymnastics. She was such a good little tumbler. However, I think at this age, she had more important things to do (i.e. color, easy bake, & play DS) that right now it was a little too much. She will be in the 2nd grade next year. It seems hard to believe that in the next 10 years both of my kids will have graduated! Where is that pause button at????


  1. Happy to see you started a blog! Fun, isn't it?

  2. I do recognize you-- sad things is I went to school and immediately left so I didn't really know who I was in class with!

    I didn't do anything with my degree either (soc and sw)- also in the attic somewhere collecting dust!!

    Your family is adorable & isn't every family happily dysfunctional?! :)