Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slumber Party

Jake and Mary had a spend the night party this past weekend. Some friends of ours have 3 kids ages 6-9 who Jake and Mary like to hang out with. Luke, Levi & Gracie all came over last Saturday and spent the night with us. I was suffering through a bad cold and wasn't feeling well so it was up to Michael to referee and keep control. He did a good job. The kids were all great. They had such a good time. Michael and I were actually able to watch a movie while the kids played downstairs. They were all so good that at one point Michael had to go down and check on them because they were being too quiet. And when you have 5 kids in your house and there is no screaming, running, or tattle tailing in a 30 minute need to investigate. Thankfully though, they were all just occupied playing Wii, building trains, etc. Here are a few pictures from this fun night.
Mary & Gracie

Jake, Gracie, Mary, Luke, & Levi

Jake & Levi

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