Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Review

Wow! This was some more weekend. I didnt really plan on so much happening this weekend. But, I am so glad that it did. First we just all relaxed Friday night. Played some Cadoo and watched some shows. Saturday morning I got up before everyone and made a great breakfast. Then our furniture we had bought last week was delivered. I was in desperate need of end tables and a coffee table for our den. I love them! They fit perfect and now my den doesnt look like it's "missing something".

After we get everything put in it's place we all get ready and head out. Our first stop....

to get our NEW JEEP!!!

We had been looking at this car for about a week or so and finally got them down to where we wanted it. We had a '07 Jeep Commander Sport. We wanted an upgrade though. This is an '09 Commander Limited. Navigation System, Leather, 3 Sunroofs (1 upfront and two in back), DVD (up front and in back), Sirius Satelite, Voice Command (which excited me so much to the point of almost peeing my pants)! You can burn your movies to a hard drive and not even have to worry about bringing DVD's in the car. Same for CD's as well. I can download pictures and have them as a screen saver up front!!! This car does everything but drive for you. Which is a shame because I get pretty distracted messing with all the buttons! I love love love my new car!!!

After we sat around the car dealership with BOTH KIDS we decided to reward the little boogers for being sooooo good and patient! This is the part where I got frustrated! We went to The Play Station in Trussville (video games, laser tag, skating, put put, etc). We get there at 4:45 and they SHUT DOWN from 5-7! So we then go to Pump It Up (blow up slides, obstacle courses, video games, etc). Well they are having parties all day so we can't even get in there. THEN we go to the bowling alley and...wouldn't you know it....a 2 hour wait for a lane! The kids were good sports about all of it, but I on the other hand was very upset. They had been so good and nothing was working out for them. However, Froggy's saved the day! The kids LOVE this place and thankfully they were open and the kids got to play their little hearts out!!!

Sunday - - - Snow in Alabama...Need I say more??? I couldnt NOT believe we had snow...and a lot of it! As soon as well all got up and bundled up (picture Ralphie's little brother from A Christmas Story) we went out to play. Fun was had by all. Snow ball fights, snow angles, attempting to sled down the hill (not really enough snow). Here are some pictures of the snow and the fun!!!


  1. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Jeep!!! New cars are SO fun and I have decided that I will *only* have leather. We love it, it's perfect for kids, wipes clean!! That snow is beautiful!

  2. Congrats on the new Jeep! How exciting! Sounds like you all had a fun Snow Day too!

  3. So you're the one keeping the economy going. :)

    I can't believe AL has snow.

    Our boys soccer team is going to a tournament there on Sunday and wanted to play in warm weather.

  4. Nice ride :) beautiful pictures :) thanks for stopping by my blog and for follow (I'm following you too) :)

  5. Wow that does sound like a busy but good weekend. The new car sounds awesome. I hate going to see my hubbie at work (he works for a dealership) because I really want a new car with all those cool features but I just get to drool over them. :(

    It also cracks me up that ya'll down south got snow but up here in Ohio it was just cold, bonechilling cold but no snow.

  6. Those are some *seriously* cute kids!