Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sci-Quest Fun Day

Last week my Mom and I took the little rug rats out for a day trip. We went to Huntsville, AL to a place called Sci-Quest. Originally we had planned on going to The Space Center. However, I thought they may be a little too young and get bored quickly. So, I found this place which was actually directly across from the Space Center. They loved it! For those of you from Alabama, it was sort of like the McWane Center. But, once you have been to the McWane Center as much as our kids have, it begins to get boring. Sci-Quest had a lot of exhibits that the kids had never seen before. It was a great trip. Fun was had by all.


  1. Dude, I totally visited the Space and Rocket center last year...let's just say, it's lost it's glory. Not near as cool as when we went (you know, like 20 years ago) and most exhibits were old and falling apart.

    You made the wise choice!!

  2. That looks and sounds like a place we have here called COSI. It also looks like your kids have fun.

  3. Oooooooooooo, that looks like such a cool place! My husband would probably go more nuts than my kids, haha!