Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Soccer Mom

Dear Crazy Soccer Mom,

Let me start by saying that I get just as excited at my son's soccer games as I know you do as well. However, I would NEVER, EVER make derogatory comments towards the other team. Especially if I was at their house and sitting VERY close to a MOTHER of the other team. Not a good idea CSM. I am not a confrontational person, but the claws will come out when you continue to down grade my son and his team, Over & Over & Over. There is only so much I can handle. Yes, your son's team played very well. And yes, we were getting stomped. But how old are you? Don't laugh at our attempts and if you cant control the immaturity from spilling out of your plastic lips, at least try to control the volume to which it spills and for the love of soccer....SIT SOMEWHERE ELSE! You are crazy. You need help. I can only assume that you were never a part of a team when you were younger, or you would have learned the value of sportsmanship. Maybe your son can teach you something! I am sure he was just as embarrassed as we all were for you!

***This comes from one of Jake's soccer games a few weeks ago. We were getting stomped and the Mom sitting next to me from the other team could not seem to contain herself or her nasty comments. When we FINALLY scored ONE goal, her comment was "Well, at least they know how to score at least ONE goal". Which was then followed by laughter. Needless to say, I couldn't let it slide. I thought we were going to make a scene. And at that point I did not care. I made sure she knew how rude and immature her comments were. I haven't been that mad in a while. They are EIGHT YEARS OLD and it's a GAME!


  1. This is probably why I sit away from the parents section :-)

    I like to sit under a shade tree with my sunglasses on. I try to not exchange comments with anyone. Moms have a ton of questions for me when they find out I am a high school math teacher. I am really not in the mood to answer their questions. And.... they made comments to me about what awful teachers their kids have. I really do not want to hear their mean thoughts.

  2. I do not understand parents who act like that. They are children and at that age it's about the sport being fun not the winning or loosing.

  3. PLEASE tell me the lady in the pink visor is the crazy soccer lady!?!

    I cannot stand ppl who act like that!