Friday, April 24, 2009


I have never been one to wish my life away. But you dont know how bad we need a vacation! All of us! So, right now I am wishing that it were July! We made reservations today to go to Panama City Beach for a week. We always go to PC b/c the kids love it. The beaches are great and there are a LOT of activities for the kids. Put Put, Go Karts, Arcades, Water Parks, etc. All around it is always a blast. I am so excited. I had been racking my brain for about 2 weeks as far as when and where. And I found it. The condo of all condos. At least, I think so. I showed the kids the website and they were in love! It is Shores of Panama. It is a brand new high rise condo on the corner of Thomas Drive and Front Beach Road. So, needless to say, we will probably never even have to drive anywhere once we get there. Everything is within walking distance. Including our Favorite restaurant...Pineapple Willy's!! So nice!!! Here are a few pictures of the condo we are staying at...

They have a lot of activities for the kids as well. Including nightly movies on a big screen floating in the pool, kids karaoke at the pool, bands playing by the pool nightly, belly dancing at the pool, etc. Michael, the kids, and I are all so ready to be there! I can feel the sand in my crack right now!!!


  1. Nice!! This will be an awesome trip!

  2. wow! what a lovely place1 i agree with you,we need some diversions and getaways,it does not happen all the time, so enjoy it!i'm sure kids will love it.

  3. The view of that pool looks amazing and all the activites sound like alot of fun.