Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It Sounded Like a Freight Train...

Do I have curlers in my hair today? Did I move into a mobile home park? Do I have on my hat that says "Who Farted?"??? The answer is No to all of the above, but why does my office look like the aftermath of a furious tornado???? We have added so many new things in the office in the past few weeks and I am struggling to learn all of this new technology. I was fine with walking to the fax machine, filing my own documents, and scratching my own hiney. But, my boss went all 21st century on us this month and now we never have to leave our desk. Which is nice, but some days walking back and forth to the copier and fax was my only physical activity. Unless you count the workout that my middle finger gets on occasion! :) So, now I am stressing out over what goes where, how does that get there, and who put that in what. Needless to say I am deeply regretting ever making fun of my elders when they couldnt figure out how to work a cell phone, video camera, or DVD player. Sorry!
So for the next few weeks I am going to be pulling my hair out and screaming profanity (on the inside). I just hope I get all of it together and figure everything out before PMS hits this month. If not, then my boss will have wished he had invested the money he spent on all of this new technology on a bomb shelter!


  1. this is a cute post, i am smiling while reading on it. don't worry hope things will work out just fine with you. Still we need to compliment these new tech,lol.

  2. Such a funny post!!! You gotta get one of those office chair yoga workout ball things and bounce on it so you don't get "secretary butt"!! :)

  3. I am right there with you on pulling the hair out. We are going thru something similar here and it wouldn't be so bad if they would have done things one at a time but too many changes at the same time in an office of 12 women trying to do the work of 20 people is not a good combination.

    Good luck on your end, or good luck to your boss. :)

  4. Good luck! I often find myself trying to convince office technology to "just work already!"