Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekend Review

Whew! This weekend was a non stop good time.

Saturday we went to Jake's soccer game. And we lost. This one wasn't even close. It was O.K. though. The rest of the day made up for it. We went to Nana's and had an Easter egg hunt. We then had an egg race (put an egg on a spoon and see who makes it through the finish line with the egg).

Then it was off to another egg hunt. I have never seen so many kids stampeding at one time. To see what I am talking about...just check out the pictures of this HUGE egg hunt!

Sunday was a Great Day! We got up and the kids got to see what the Easter Bunny left for them!

After the kids enjoyed their Easter baskets and gifts at home, we went to Nana's and did it all over again!

After that we all got dressed and went to Church. Then we went to my Granddads house and ate....and ate....and ate....


  1. this is the event that what the kids always look forward to during easter,all are in festive mood.

  2. Wow that one egg hunt was big!

  3. One: Good lord is your Easter bunny working for Santa?? That's a lot of easter stuff!

    Two: Whatever you're feeding Jake, stop, he's like 20 feet tall now!!!

  4. Wow! I'm coming to your house next Easter! It looked like Christmas!

  5. I agree with Alabama Redhead. Wow!!! Lot of stuff for easter. You made me feel better with my candy baskets for the boys.

  6. I got my background from!! And made my header!! :)

    Looks like yall had a great Easter!