Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Hop, Hop, Hop...

Can I just say that my kids are more than excited about the fun to be had this weekend! It is such a busy one too!
Tonight we start off with dinner at my Mom & Dad's house. Then we are off to finish Season 3 of Prison Break. I know it sounds crazy, but Michael, the kids, and myself are somewhat obsessed with this show. We started watching it at season 4, so we had to buy 1,2,and 3 to see what happened prior. Season 5 comes on in a week, so we want to finish up before the final 5 episodes air. Between Prison Break, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, and American Idol, our kids should know how to escape from the confines of summer camp, disguise themselves by losing all of there baby fat in just weeks with Bob & Jillian, survive on a desert island with a stick, a pot, and a hidden immunity idol....American Idol that is! :-)
Saturday is a very busy day. We start off with another soccer game mid-morning. I am praying that Jake's little team pulls out a victory this time. We were soooo close at the last game. Then again, if we had a coach that actually cared we might do a little bit better. But, that is a whole other post! After the slaughter...I mean game, we are going to Nana's (my Mom) to have an Easter Egg hunt and play some other games with uncooked eggs. Yes, I said uncooked. Because what is the fun of trying to carry a egg on a spoon across a obstacle course only to have it fall and...well, just fall! Then after we go home and scrape egg yolk off of both of my scrambled little eggs, we are off to another egg hunt. This is a fairly big egg hunt. And I am sure the kids will have a blast. But, what is the age limit for helping your child find the eggs? Should that stop at like 3...maybe 4? Does hot/cold count as helping?
And of course Sunday! The kids will get up after Michael and I, I mean the Easter Bunny and her trusty side kick...uhmmm...we can just call him Egg Head (hehehe...sorry honey!), get up and set up the baskets. They will begin to stuff themselves with as much chocolate as humanly possible and then I am expected to dress them (while they are spinning on the ceiling fan...a task only the Easter Bunny can prepare for) and take them to Church where they are expected to sit quietly and not fidget while 250 grams of sugar course through their veins! Piece of cake! Then we are off to my Granddad's house to have Easter lunch. I am SOOOO looking forward to this!!! This is ALWAYS, hands down the best meal!!! Turkey, Dressing, Ham, EVERY vegetable imaginable and then of course the desert table!!! We eat so much at lunch that we don't eat again till the next day! And after every one has stuffed themselves to the rim, the adults go and hide Easter eggs for the kids. I remember doing this Easter egg hunt when I was little, and it was always a blast. However, being the exaggerated worrier that I was when I was smaller, I believe I had tiny anxiety attacks prior to take off! Still fun though!
Needless to say, this should be a over the top amazing weekend! The kids are going to have a blast, I will probably run out of my Valium (I kid, I kid) and the Easter Bunny will go down as a great guy that gives awesome gifts with no thanks pointed in Michael and I's direction! Let the fun begin!!!!!


  1. Oh... a desert table!! I am so there!!! Good thing you didn't give an address for us to find you!

  2. Great blog honey. You are such the writer! :) I love you!