Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

The last few days have been quite calm. And taking into account the week that I had last week, this is actually a nice change of pace. Last week started out with having some family drama (part of the "dysfunctional" in my "happily dysfunctional" life), to losing a very special family member to cancer. It was a bad week!!! But, the past few days have been eerily drama free. This past weekend Jake went to his Daddy's house and Mary was at her Mothers home. So, Michael and I had some down time to relax. We had to be at the funeral home for the viewing of my Uncle on Friday night. And Saturday was the funeral. After the funeral we went to buy groceries and then went home to clean. We had our good friends Erica and Chad over for dinner and to play cards that night. Michael and I love to play Phase 10. If you haven't played it before you need to get it. It is a lot of fun. And Michael put a new twist on the game that made it even more interesting. Sunday my Mom and I went shopping. We went to Old Time Pottery in Pelham. I LOVE this store. I got a lot of cute things for the house. Including a bird house on a stand that fits perfect in the corner by the french doors that is an odd size and I couldn't find anything to put there....but, this fits and looks perfect.

So, that has been our life the past few days. Nothing really interesting...but I will take that any day over the drama that has been my life the past few weeks!

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