Friday, February 13, 2009

A Busy Weekend...

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us. Tonight we will pick up Miss Mary Katherine and then go grab a bite to eat. Probably at Pasquales. It is one of the kids fave's...and ours too! (So much for that diet this weekend) Then we are going home where the kids will be "camping out" with my mom in the new camper. That is right...they will sleeping in the the driveway! At least they wont be far from home if they decide to come back!

Saturday is the busiest day. Saturday morning the kids will get their V-Day presents from Michael and I and from Nanna and Papa (my parents). One of their surprises are HUGE kites. And when I say HUGE....the boxes reached from the third row of my Jeep Commander to the end of the second row seats. They are some huge kites. Thank You Sams! :) We will probably go to the park and fly those around for a while. Then we are going to take "our dates" (the kids) to Outback for dinner. Jake and Mary are obsessed with their ribs. Then we are off to Froggy's. Froggy's is a local establishment where they have these huge rooms with all of the blow up slides, obstacle courses and boxing rings that your heart desires...Plus video games and prizes. Slides, Games, Prizes...Oh My! This is going to be the best V-Day ever! Not only do I get to spend the whole day with my awesome husband, but I also get to have a date with the best two kids around!

Then a relax day. It will look something like this...

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