Friday, February 6, 2009

Easy To Make Bows...

Just an FYI for all you Mothers of Little Girls out there!!!!
I found a site online where you can purchase a kit to make hair bows for little girls. They are reasonalby priced, ADORABLE, and the absolute best part is that you can mix and match pieces from each kit to make different bows. They are not permanent once you make them. You can take them apart and redo them all sorts of different ways. These are the best things EVER! Michelle Garrett is definitly a smart woman for coming up with something so affordable and versatile. The link to her You Tube video for making the bows is

Here is a picture of what you end up with. And like I said before you can mix and match all the different pieces to make a variety of different styles and colors.

You can find these on Ebay. Here is also a link to her Ebay Shop

I plan on ordering serveral kits for Mary Katherine. I am sure they will all be wonderful. Oh and I almost forgot...they are so easy to make that your little girls can help you make them. Just an added bonus!!!

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  1. Raven, thanks for visiting!
    My goodness, your children are beautiful! That is such a sweet age! I wish I had known how to make bows when my girls were younger!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle...cancer really is brutal.
    Have a good weekend, thanks for posting about my giveaway~ Good Luck~
    ♥ Lilly