Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Am Not A Girl Scout...But I Have Had Their Cookies

For any of you who know me, you know that I am NOT the type that you would find outside in a tent with bugs and critters and God knows what else. While I am certainly not the girly, frilly lace, high maintenace type either, I still prefer hot showers and not smelling like I have been roasted in Off! However, the Fam and I will soon be enjoying "nature" a lot more. Mother and Daddy just bought a new camper. Now the ones that I remember were from back in the 80's. You know where the kitchen table also doubled as a bed (mmm...comfy) and you had to pull your pants up and down OUTSIDE of the bathroom because there was hardly enough room to turn around much less dress yourself. Well this is not the case anymore. I was amazed at how far these things have come. The one that my parents got is a fifth wheel. (They also got a REALLY nice snazzy new truck that I am dying to drive to go along with it!) This thing is fully loaded. I am talking flat screen TV, DVD, a Fireplace, Lazy Boy Recliners, oak kitchen table and chairs, King size bed, shower outside to rinse off if you are at the beach, etc. It is Nice!!! And Michael, the kids and I are all so excited to take the first trip!!! I believe the kids are really going to enjoy it. Jake wanted to sleep in it the first night they brought it home...he was so excited. It is going to be a lot of fun and I will keep you all posted on our camping trips!!!


  1. Sounds like home from home!

    My husband loves camping - I'd never done it. Last year we bought huge tent and off we went. Now I love it!!

    Not the same as your luxury though!

  2. Thanks for visiting and following me. I agree, I like to enjoy nature from a far and not upclose with bugs in my hair.

    Although this camper sounds like the ideal family room on wheels.

  3. That sounds way better than camping in a tent like my family used to do. I remember hating it so much that when I turned sixteen and they let me MISS the family camping was the greatest day of my life lol. I hope you guys have a MUCH better sure sounds like the accomodations are much improved!