Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spend The Night Party

Last night Nana hosted a spend the night party with all the grand kids. Jake, Mary, Abby & Emma (Abby & Emma are my 3 year old twin nieces) all spent the night with Nana and Papa and let me tell you, fun was had by all. They started off having a great dinner with my Mom's famous brownies for desert. Then we all went down to the camper to "camp out" for a little while. Michael, Nana, and I all played Hide & Seek with them until we ran out of hiding places. The girls would hide and then when we said "Here We Come" they would burst out of their hiding places and say "Here We Are!"! Maybe a few more years on that game! :)

Then we popped in a movie into the camper and all cuddled up to relax for a while. After the movie, I went home and left Nana with the little rascals. They made a pallet in the floor of the den and watched T.V. until they all fell asleep. They all had such a great time. The girls don't get to come over very much, so last night was a great treat for all of us. The girls had the best time with their cousins.
Jake, Abby, Emma, Nana, & Mary


  1. Staying overnight with my Nana was one of the best memories I have.

  2. im sure, they have enjoyed their stay with your Nana and papa, it is always like an occasion kids always look forward too.