Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Preview

Pinch me....Yep, It is Friday! I did not think that this week would ever end. This week has been full of stress at work, drama from silly girls, and a few other things I would rather not think about. But, it is almost over. I just have to grit my teeth and get through the next 6.5 hours of work and I am Free!

City Stages is this weekend, so Michael and I may go and check that out tonight. For those of you not from AL, City Stages is a music festival in downtown Birmingham that we have every year this time. They block off many streets and set up stages. Music, Food, and Heat Strokes are all around. Michael and I have not been in years, and this year may be no different. But, we may surprise ourselves and go to hang out for a while.

Saturday is going to be a do nothing, relaxing day at the pool. Saturday night we will get Mary Katherine for her to spend to QT with her Daddy on Father's Day. Sunday we will go to my Mom & Dad's for lunch. I think he is grilling ribs....Mmmmm. It should be a lot of fun. I always love getting to see my twin nieces. They are so adorable, and they love Mary Katherine.

Jake will not be with us. He will be at the beach with his Father. I am sure that he is going to have a wonderful time playing at the pool and in the ocean. This is his first of three beach trips that he will be going on this summer! Spoiled much? Hahaha! I pray that they all have a safe trip!

Tuesday is the day that I am looking most forward to of the next week. That is the day that they start on our deck! Thank Goodness. I am so tired of the pool looking out of place. This will give us room to have our grill on it, patio furniture, and most to lay out! It is very difficult to lay out on a float in the pool with Michael and Jake playing football or whatever other game Michael has made up that day. It will complete the package!

I hope that you all have a great weekend and that all the Dad's out there have an amazing Father's Day!

Any Man Can Be A Father, But It Takes Someone Special To Become a Dad!

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