Monday, June 29, 2009

The Countdown Has Begun...

Well, actually it started about 4 months ago when I made the reservations!!! We leave for the beach Saturday morning. I cant wait!!! The kids are super excited and I can't decide who is more anxious...the kids or Michael and I. We are in desperate need of some relaxation. No work, no stress, no worries + my 3 favorite people in the world having a blast = F-U-N!!!! We are leaving on 4th of July which means fireworks at the pier. We have never been to the beach on 4th of July, so I am sure it is going to be insanely crowded. There will be unlimited amounts of Putt Putt, Go Karts & Video Arcades (we may need to stop and by some lotto tickets on the way home to pay for all of this!!!). My Mom & Dad may be able to come down and join us for a few nights as well, which will be very nice. We haven't had a big family vacation in quite a while.

Needless to say this week is going to go by super slow. It always happens that way. But, completely worth it!

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