Friday, July 24, 2009

A Hectic Blast

The next few weeks are sure to be very very hectic. But, along with the busy hustle and bustle it is sure to be such a blast as well. Let me break down the next 5 weekends for you.

This weekend we are having Jake's 9th Birthday Party. We are having 8 kids, other than our own, over for a swim party on Saturday. Then after that they are all spending the night!!! I am going to have kids everywhere. But Jake is super excited and has been counting the days down. He said yesterday "This is going to be the best Birthday Party EVER!". Which makes it all worth it!!! That is what is happening Saturday and part of the day on Sunday. Plus, tomorrow is my Mom's Birthday as well. So somewhere in all the madness we have to find a good time to celebrate that as well.

Next Friday is Jake's real Birthday. There will be gifts and celebrating that day as well. Then Saturday, Michael, Jake & I are packing up to go camping with my parents at Lake Guntersville. We haven't been in about 2 months so that will be a lot of fun. Michael and I are coming back late Sunday and Jake will stay with Nana & Papa until Monday.

The next weekend (the 7th - 9th) is another busy one. Saturday we are having an "adult swim party". Some friends of ours are coming over that day to swim during the day, grill out for dinner and play cards that night. That is always a lot of fun. That Sunday is Mary Katherine's Birthday. We will get her for a few hours that day since she will be at her Moms that weekend. Probably take her out to eat and give her some gifts. Her party will be the next weekend.

The next weekend (14th - 16th) is going to be relaxing and....wait....what am I talking about??? No it isn't! The 15th is my 30th Birthday!!! Woohoo!!! It really isn't bothering me like I thought it would. Just another day! So my Parents always take us out to eat for our Birthday's so I am sure we will do that Saturday night. Then that Sunday is going to be Mary Katherine's Birthday Party! We will repeat everything that we did on Jake's Birthday (minus the spending the night part). Pool Party, Pinata, etc. Fun times will be had by all.

And finally...the last weekend that have plans for is the 21st - 23rd. Michael and I are taking a trip by ourselves to the beach! We did this last year as well for our anniversary and are going to keep the tradition going. We had our second anniversary on the 20th of July, but as you can see, with all we have going on..this will be the first chance we have to actually do anything. We went to Fort Walton Beach last year, but I think we may try Gulf Shores this year. Change it up a bit. Although I love taking vacations with the kids, this will be a nice weekend to relax and recoup from the crazy hectic month we had!!

Oh and did I mention that in the middle of all of this madness Jake starts soccer and school!! I signed him last night for soccer. It should start the middle of August and school starts then as well. He will be going to a new school this year (moving up to the "big boys school") so that will be interesting to see how he likes that.

So much to do...But it is ALL worth it!!! :)

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