Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boy, That Will Wake You Up

Fire alarms going off in your house at 2 a.m. will definitely get your sleeping butt out of bed with a quickness. I have never seen myself, nor my husband jump up and immediately run around the house like we did last night. We didn't even say anything. We were in detection mode. It is sort of the same reaction you have when your child is sleeping with you and all of a sudden you hear that "bluh...bluh....BLAH" sound of vomiting. There is no rolling over and stretching and rubbing your eyes and letting them get focused. You are UP and you are as alert as you have ever been. Jake was asleep in his room and the child didn't even budge. Of course that is the first place that I run (and when I say run...think Olympic training). Snoozing away! There are two feelings that you have when you see your child enjoying his zzz's while the fire alarm is going off. 1. Thank Goodness that he didn't wake up. If he had woken up, he would not have gone back to sleep and there is only so much UNO Spin & Battleship that a Mommy can take a 3 a.m. Plus he would have been scared every night for the next two months about the house burning down. 2. OH MY GOSH!!! He didn't even budge! What if this had been a real fire and he didn't even hear it??? He has a fire alarm in his room...right above his head and he didn't hear it. At that moment I hopped a bus and took a short trip right to Panic City (lovely place this time of year!)!!! So, after we repeated this process for the 2nd time, (Yes, it happened TWICE in about 20 minutes!!!) Michael and I got back in bed and flipped and flopped for about 20 minutes. I then realized that I would sleep MUCH better if I went and got in bed with Jake. That way if it did go off again and it was the real deal I would be there to wake him up and get him out. So heart still racing and mind still running with all the "what if's", I curled up next to Jake and went sound to sleep...finally. I always considered myself to be a comfort to him when I was sleeping with him after he had a nightmare or woke up and got scared...but the tables had turned and he was then a comfort for me!

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