Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to Reality

We are back from the beach. Those seven days flew by! Why dont they go by that fast while we are at work? We had the best time. I think this was by far the best vacation that we have taken. We played putt putt too many times to count, rode go karts, went bowling and to the arcades, ate...and ate...and ate some more, swam, played at the beach, went crabbing at night...and relaxed! Such a blast! Nana and PaPa were able to come and stay with us the last two nights as well. I was so glad they could come. Everyone had an amazing time! We were all glad to see the house though on Saturday. The kids missed the pets (we also added 2 new pets to the clan while we were gone...turtles! Both the kids got their own turtles at the beach!) and I missed my bed! Home Sweet Home!

Here are some pictures of the fun...

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