Thursday, May 7, 2009

They Say The Sweetest Things...

Last night Jake was in the bathtub and I was getting his towel ready and picking up his dirty clothes off of the bathroom floor (typical boy...and Momma) and he was being the spoiled little boy he is and he talked me into washing his hair for him (which didn't take much...I'm a softy for a cute 8 year old!). I really think he just likes my nails scratching his scalp. So, there I am knelt by the tub, suds up to my elbows and he says "Your the best Momma in the world!" I actually felt my heart melt. I said "Thank You Baby!" and then he says "For 1. You love me more than anything else in the world and 2. You wash my hair for me!" I think I will be washing his hair now till he is 18! :-)


  1. How sweet! What a smart little boy! :)

  2. That is seriously too cute!

  3. ohhhhh so sweet,yes words like that are what makes our heart melt, small things makes a difference, agree?