Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This was such a great weekend. Michael and the kids made it the perfect Mother's Day. Friday night we just hung out and the kids rode the go kart and then we all bundled up on the couch and in the chairs and watched T.V. and fell asleep. Saturday we got up and after we played for a while and ate lunch we went to play Putt Putt. After Putt Putt we went next door to Air it Out for the kids to jump around and play for a while.

We then headed home for everyone to get cleaned up and ready for my Mother's Day dinner. The kids gave me their gifts they had for me. Hobby Lobby gift cards! I couldnt think of anything I would have rather had. Now I can go shopping!!! I decided last week to go to Outback. Michael and I always enjoy it and it is one of the kid's favorites. Dinner was great! We had to take Mary Katherine to meet her Mom after dinner. Since it was Mother's Day weekend we had to let her go back early so that she could be with her Mom on Sunday. But we had a few minutes to waste before we met Anna, so we went over to Books A Million to waste some time. The kids each got a book and a magazine and I got a new Dean Koontz novel. I love his novels. They are the best at keeping you on the edge of your seat.

On Sunday we went to my Mom's that afternoon and my Dad grilled out steaks for us. His steaks are the best. Michael and Jake even let me catch a nap that afternoon too. How nice that was!!! After we ate at Mom and Dad's house, Jake and Michael went to the pond to fish and I relaxed for a while. It was such a great Mother's Day. I have the two most well behaved, smart, pretty/good looking kids around. Well, in my opinion they are!!!

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