Thursday, September 3, 2009

War Eagle!!!

It's that time! Auburns first football game is this weekend!!! And Michael and I will be there with bells on! While I am not the "biggest football fan" out there, I still love the season. Michael lives and dies Auburn football. I swear if you cut him open, he would bleed orange and blue! I bought him tickets to the first game for our anniversary! I got some really good seats too!! I do think I got "The Best Wife In The World" award for that one! :) We are going to have a great weekend. That is, if Auburn wins!!! If not, then it will be a loooonnnnggg ride home! Hahaha...

Friday night we will be hanging out with great friends and playing cards and grilling out. Saturday we are leaving to go to the game and I absolutely can't wait!!! I love road trips and he and I have not been to a game by ourselves yet. We always have the kids with us. And while I will miss them, it will be nice to be able to get there early and walk around for a while. Sunday we will be in church. We started last week, and we LOVE it! This is a great church for us and the kids. It was a perfect fit! And thank goodness we are both off work on Monday! Not real sure what we are going to do...but I guarantee it will be better than being at work! :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I know we will! :)

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  1. War Eagle!! I hope you guys have fun at the game!